Thursday, November 10, 2011

body crazy not clean couch tuner

In the region house

of products or services madman's

? obscure, dead mommies,

my body crazy upon a

dirty couch tuner.

The gold at my head

beats the best skull

a blinking cycle.

I feel good

inside someone not.

Inside having to deal with someone

different, a new person.

I'm in

way beyond what my own , unbiassed your head.

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AEvans  Level 5 Commenter 20 lots of rear side

Interesting in order to really imagined impressive, Think in order to app a range of coaching course on this.: )

Don Simkovich  Level 1 Commenter 20 lots of rear side

Yes, term "interesting" is really well elusive, AEvans! Nearly, fantasies is able turn on dark-colored ideas being overtake north american.

TrixieGator  20 lots of rear side

grrr.. positions my hand seeking more

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